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Structural Movement in Residential Properties in the West Midlands:

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Structural cracking to first floor bedroom walls.
Structural cracking to first floor bedroom walls.

Structural Movement in Residential Properties in the West Midlands: Understanding the Risks and Solutions - Brooks Surveyors

At Brooks Surveyors, we understand the significance of addressing structural movement in residential properties. The West Midlands region is known for its diverse range of properties, but with age and environmental factors, issues such as subsidence, settlement, and heave can arise, potentially impacting the structural integrity of buildings. In this blog post, we will explore the causes, signs, and recommended solutions for managing structural movement in residential properties in the West Midlands, highlighting our expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive surveying services.

Understanding Structural Movement:

Structural movement refers to the changes in a building's position or shape caused by various factors. In the West Midlands, these factors can include clay shrinkage and swelling, mining activities, geological conditions, or even nearby construction work. It's crucial to identify and address structural movement promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of occupants.

Recognizing the Signs:

Homeowners in the West Midlands should be aware of potential signs of structural movement in their properties. These signs include cracks in walls, floors, or ceilings, doors and windows becoming misaligned, sloping floors, and sticking doors or windows. If any of these signs are observed, it is important to seek professional advice to assess the extent and cause of the structural movement.

Brooks Surveyors' Approach:

At Brooks Surveyors, we follow a meticulous approach to assess and manage structural movement in residential properties:

  • Comprehensive Inspection:

Our experienced surveyors conduct detailed inspections, examining the affected areas and assessing the extent of structural movement. We evaluate the property's history, including any previous subsidence claims or nearby ground conditions, to form a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

  • Investigative Techniques:

We employ various investigative techniques, including laser levels, spirit levels, and crack monitoring, to accurately measure and monitor any movement. This allows us to differentiate between ongoing and historic movement, helping us recommend appropriate solutions.

  • Collaborative Approach:

We work closely with structural engineers and other relevant professionals to ensure a collaborative approach to addressing structural movement. This enables us to develop tailored solutions based on a thorough understanding of the specific property and the underlying causes of the movement.

  • Professional Recommendations:

Following our assessment, we provide clear and concise reports outlining the findings, including the cause and severity of the structural movement. Our reports also contain detailed recommendations for remedial works, such as underpinning, drainage improvements, or tree management, to rectify the issue effectively.

At Brooks Surveyors, we are committed to providing expert surveying services for residential properties in the West Midlands. Our comprehensive approach to addressing structural movement involves thorough inspections, collaboration with industry professionals, and clear recommendations for remedial works. By prioritizing the safety and structural integrity of our clients' properties, we ensure peace of mind and strive to exceed expectations in delivering reliable and professional services.


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