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Choosing a Survey


It can be difficult to choose the right survey.  Please read the descriptions below to help you make the right choice. 


Level 2 Survey

Level 2 Surveys are generally suitable for property built from the 1930's onwards, four bedrooms and under.

As chartered surveyors, we advise homebuyers by providing a detailed survey that will reveal relevant defects that may not appear obvious to the untrained eye. Take advantage of our years of experience and book a Level 2 Home Survey Report (Formerly the Homebuyer Report), which can include a property valuation. Following a simple condition rating coding system, one of our surveyors will describe the condition of specific area of the property, highlighting any cause for concern or major problems.

Level 3 Survey

Typically, a Level 3 Building Survey is needed for historic buildings (pre. 1930's), unusual construction, poor state of repair, extensively altered or extended or major conversion or renovation work is planned.
A Level 3 Home Survey can be tailored to your individual needs and focus on certain aspects of the property that may be causing you concern.

Within the Level 3 Survey, you’ll find technical information regarding the construction of the building, along with the materials which have been used, and any major defects. The type of residential Home Survey is to RICS Level 3 Survey Reporting Standards.


Property Valuation


Unlike a Level 2 or Level 3 Survey report, a property valuation does not report on potential issues that may arise in the future (a professional property valuation can often comment on any obvious and current issues found within the property, which may negatively impact its value). To give you the most accurate valuation, we will only ever send out an RICS qualified and Registered Valuer (VRS Valuation Registration Scheme).

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, you will require a Level 2 Homebuyers Survey Report as a minimum. We provide property valuations for purposes such as Help to Buy and Probate.

Knowing how much your property is worth in relation to the UK property market can help you know when to sell your home. Booking a house valuation can also help buyers decide whether they are making a sensible fanancial decision that is best for their future.

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